How to Find Gluten Free Beer That Tastes Good


Now that you’ve adjusted to your gluten-free diet, you’re ready to get back to the adventure in life that you’ve been missing. Often, this involves a nice beer or two but now that you’re gluten-free, those hobs and wheat are off limits. That doesn’t mean that kicking back a few cold ones is off limits. Now, gluten free alcohol is available. This alcohol makes it easy for you to mingle with friends, socialize at the bar, or enjoy a few drinks with friends after work without worry.

Many people complain about the taste of gluten free alcohol. Without the wheat inside the beer, it is hard to imagine that any type of flavor is there. And while it is true that many beers are out there that will make you want to stop the occasional drink altogether, just as many delicious beers are out there. Don’t let a fear of choosing the wrong beer stop you from enjoying a fun night out on the town.

When choosing your beer, there are a few ways to ensure the best product is found, and most importantly, one that tastes great that helps you fit right into the crowd. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra for a high-quality gluten free product but rest assured that it is worth the money. Ask friends for product recommendations and don’t estimate to use the internet to find brands, reviews and other imperative information.

Testing out a few choices is the best way to find the beer that you like the most. Although there are top recommended products, everyone’s tastes vary and so will the choice of beer. However, going with a name that everyone knows reduces the risk that you won’t like what you came home with.

Of those who enjoy a gluten free alcohol product, the following names are among their top picks:

·    Redbridge Lager

·    Glutenator by Epic Brewing Company

·    Joseph James Brewing Fox Tail

gluten free alcohol

This is only a handful of the many options that you can pick from when it is time for a nice drink. There is one thing for sure and that is that the selection of beers to pick from is endless. Yes, even those that taste great are available! There is certainly a product out there to suit every taste.